GsundaY is the youth group of Ellon Parish Church.

When? Sunday 7:30pm - 9pm

Where? Kirk Centre, Ellon

What happens at it? Fun and games and Bible learning and exploration and food. 

Who runs it? Pam our Parish Worker (Children and Families) and Eddie, with occasional visits from their various surrogate "aunts and uncles", all of whom are PVG checked. 
It's purpose is: To be a group which is fun, is friendly and encourages young people in the Christian faith. Which is about more than church but remembers it is part of the church in Ellon and beyond.
The aims of GsundaY are: To grow  |  To have fun  |  To follow Christ  |  To be part of the church
GsundaY's promise to each other is: To be kind, helpful and encouraging. 

Coming Soon!   Illuminate

Various youth events and retreats happen in the Gordon presbytery area.  Check out the Gordon Presbytery Youth facebook page and their website. 



Gordon Presbytery Youth